Join our Sustainers Club!

What is a sustainer?

Sustainers provide an on-going, reliable source of funding, making monthly contributions to Girls Rock Camp Toronto. Contributions begin at $5/month, but you can give any amount above that. You can opt out at any time!

Each GRCT sustainer will receive limited edition sustainers-only rock camp merchandise and exclusive newsletters and updates!

How do I join the sustainers club?


Select one of our donor levels below! Your recurring donation will automatically be withdrawn on a monthly basis. 

Where does my money go?

GRCT sustainers will offset many of the costs of our programming, allowing us to offer more subsidized spots and more programs! These costs are broken down in our sustainer levels:

$5/month - Lunch Money
Each month, your donation subsidizes healthy lunch and snacks for one participant at one of our week-long camps. 

$10/month - Home Sweet Home
$10 monthly will keep a roof over our heads. Your donation pays for venue rental and insurance, two of our most vital (and costly!!) expenses!

$15/month - Glitter and Glue
Your donation will supply one camper with workshop materials and craft supplies for an entire camp program, each month!  

$20/month - Gear Guardian
A donation of $20 a month goes towards the purchase and maintenance of our instruments, offsetting the cost of our storage unit, and making sure we have the gear we need to keep rocking.

$25+/month - Scholarship Saviour
Donations above $25 will go into our scholarship fund, allowing our programs to continue on a PWYC sliding tuition scale! Camp is accessible to everyone because of YOU!

PLEASE NOTE: As a registered non-profit organization, we are unable to issue tax receipts yet! If you'd like to be notified once GRCT is a registered charity, please send us an email