A safe space for young rockers aged 8-16 to learn instruments, write songs, and rock out on stage.


Crash! Bang! Boom! at Malvern Public Library

Crash! Bang! Boom! runs Sept 11-Dec 11 at Malvern Public Library (30 Sewells Rd, Scarborough) with programs happening Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Concerts on Sunday afternoons! 

Weekday workshops are registration only by calling 416-396-8969 or signing up in person at the library. This is a limited series offered free of charge.

Girls Rock Camp Toronto believes in gender self-determination and our programs are open to all girls and trans youth. This includes but is not limited to gender questioning, gender non-binary and transgender youth.

Monday program: STEELPAN with JOY LAPPS-LEWIS

1:00-3:00 pm (drop in program, ages 13+)
Joy Lapps is a musician, composer and arts educator. Her efficiency with the tenor pan and her diverse performance range have led to great audience receptions, and flattering recognition from seasoned professional pannists. She performed at various festivals including Toronto’s Afrofest, Muhtadi’s International Drumming Festival, Toronto's TD Jazz Festival and Antigua’s Moods of Pan Festival.

Monday program: TABLA with ANITA KATAKKAR

4:30-5:30 pm (pre-registration required, ages 8-13)
With Indian/Scottish roots in multicultural Toronto, Anita Katakkar‘s music represents a link between her heritage and community. In Toronto, she studied tabla with composer and musician Ritesh Das and in California and Kolkata with the pre-eminent exponent of the Lucknow style tabla, Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri. Anita has performed, toured internationally and recorded with the Toronto Tabla Ensemble and Jeff Martin and has toured nationally with The Tea Party. She has shared the stage with legendary Kathak dancer Chitresh Das, flamenco dancer Esmeralda Enrique, sitar virtuoso Anwar Khurshid, Canadian/Armenian guitarist Levon Ichkhanian and Paris based singer/songwriter Melissa Laveaux.

Tuesday program: INDIGENOUS HAND DRUM with AQUA

4:00-5:00 (pre-registration required, ages 8-13)
Aqua, the singer, hand-drummer and songwriter also known as Nibii Waawaaskone (Water Flower), crafts music reflecting her deep respect for Indigenous traditions, and determination to thrive as an artist, Métis woman of Ojibwe decent and cultural activist in a contemporary context.

Thursday program: KULINTANG GONG with PANTAYO

5:00-6:00 (pre-registration required, ages 8-13)
Pantayo is an all-women musical collective. Their music is grounded in traditional kulintang music of the Maguindanaon and T'boli peoples of the Philippines, but explores the possibility of kulintang music influenced by their identities as diasporic Filipinas.

Saturday family program

Check in with the library for times for this fun and interactive weekly family drop in program! 

Sunday Concert Series runs Nov 5- Dec 10, schedule TBD!

Girls Rock Camp Toronto offers 4 months of programming centering girls, women and drums. GRCT is dedicated to creating an inclusive musical community empowering women, girls and trans* youth. Programming in the library will reflect this mandate as well as provide several opportunities for people of all genders and ages to learn about, listen to and experiment with different types of drumming and percussion.