A safe space for young rockers aged 8-16 to learn instruments, write songs, and rock out on stage.
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Donate Gear

GRCT is always in need of musical gear, and other donations to help keep our programs running.




Girls Rock Camp Toronto is always in need of musical equipment to keep our campers rocking! These days we're in particular need of small keyboard amps and portable PA systems.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to accommodate acoustic piano donations at this time.

Here's a more comprehensive list of the things we're always in need of:

  • electric guitars 

  • electric basses 

  • drum kits 

  • keyboards 

  • guitar/bass/keyboard amps  

  • guitar strings 

  • guitar straps 

  • guitar tuners

  • guitar pedals

  • electric guitar cases 

  • blank t-shirts 

  • blank tote bags 

  • PA systems 

  • patch cords

  • drumsticks 

  • microphones 

  • microphone cables 

  • microphone stands 

  • keyboard stands

  • guitar stands

  • silkscreening ink

  • equipment repair skills

  • raffle prizes 

  • ad space

If you have something to donate, please get in touch to make arrangements. Again, every little bit helps, and we’re very grateful for your support!




At Girls Rock Camp Toronto we feed our campers and volunteers at least one healthy meal a day, and we need food donations and hands to help with food preparation!

If you can help or know of a food-based organization we should approach, please get in touch!