A safe space for young rockers aged 8-16 to learn instruments, write songs, and rock out on stage.
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Love all things music and want to be part of a community of bad-ass (and overall amazing) individuals? Rock with us!

We're rocking out this summer July 22-26 at the Tranzac. 
Read the following information, and sign up to participate at the bottom of the page!



Please read through the job descriptions below to identify which fit your interests, schedule, and skills. Then follow the links at the bottom of the page for new or returning volunteers.

All positions at Girls Rock Camp Toronto are important, and we greatly value any time you have to give!


The following positions are open to people who self-identify as women, trans, or gender non-binary:

Instrument Instructor
*Musical experience required

You will be required to instruct small groups of youth on their chosen instrument, as well as maintain a supportive environment for the campers. You will be required to plan lessons in advance based on the camp curriculum. Please note that the camp prioritizes youth with little to no music experience -- so your facilitation skills and curriculum should reflect this need! You may be paired with another instrument instructor, so you should be comfortable working in a team. Instrument instructors can additionally fill the position of band coach.

Time commitment: Instrument Instructors must be available 9am to 1pm Monday to Thursday.

Band Coach
*Musical experience required, knowledge of songwriting and more than one instrument preferred.

This is one of the most exciting and rewarding positions at rock camp! You will be assigned a band on the first day of camp and will act as a mentor and support them throughout the week. As band coach, you are also responsible for helping the campers prepare their song for the showcase concert. This includes instrument coaching, songwriting, arrangements, tuning up and tech support, and general facilitation in helping participants work together as a group.

Band coaches should be ready to facilitate band/group dynamics, conflict resolution, and consensus making, as well as be supportive and encouraging to your band. You will also be responsible for ensuring that your band is where they need to be at all times. You may be paired with another band coach, so you should be comfortable working in a team. Band coaches can additionally fill the position of Instrument instructors.

Time commitment: Band coaches must be available from 1pm-5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm on Friday, for one hour on Saturday during your band's recording session, and Sunday afternoon during the showcase concert.

Counselling Team
*no musical experience required. Training in peer support, counselling, crisis and conflict management, social work, or other related fields required.

This is a crucial and meaningful role at rock camp!  You may be asked to facilitate group meetings of volunteers and/or campers. You may also support campers and volunteers in informal settings by lending an ear or acting as a resource during camp.

LIT Coordinator
*no musical experience required. Training in peer support, counselling, crisis and conflict management, social work, or other related fields required.

The LIT Coordinator aims to create an environment where Leaders in Training can discover and develop their capacity as leaders. By providing spaces for learning  and reflection as well as practical tools and skills development , the LIT coordinator aims to assist LITs in realizing their ability to become active agents of social change in their communities. The LIT Coordinator will create schedules and activities to help LITs with mentoring their peers and assisting with the day to day management of the camp.

Workshop Leader
*No musical experience required

In addition to offering music instruction, Girls Rock Camp Toronto offers music and non- music related workshops!
As a workshop leader you will be required to design and facilitate a one-hour workshop that will be delivered to 30 participants between the ages of 8-16 with different preferred learning styles. Workshops should therefore be adaptable and reflect a variety of ages, learning styles, and be balanced between discussion and activity, sitting and moving around, etc. Your workshop should also connect strongly to the Girls Rock Camp Toronto mission and mandate. Past workshops facilitated have included button making, zine making, body image, etc.

Time commitment: Workshop Leaders must be available for at least one day between Monday- Friday for 1 hour in the afternoon. Exact schedule TBD

Support Crew
*No musical experience required

During camp you will help with morning assembly, break-times, clean-up, support during instruction and practice times, moving gear, and whatever else may come up! This is a great way to get involved in the camp if you are unable to commit a large amount of time during the week.
Please indicate any available shifts below.

Lead Roadie
*No musical experience required, knowledge of musical equipment an asset

Although we are all roadies at GRCT, we need a lead roadie who will oversee all things gear-related. The lead roadie is in charge of keeping track of all of our gear! You will help organize us to set up, break down, and move and keep track of equipment throughout the week. If you have gear-related questions, our lead roadie should be able to help.

This position requires a commitment for the full week of camp.

Leaders in Training
If you are 16-18 and have attended at least one Girls Rock Camp Toronto session, you can apply for our volunteer intern program, learning the ropes in a variety of rock camp positions from our volunteer team. If you're interested in joining our internship program, let us know at girlsrocktoronto@gmail.com

The following positions are open to individuals of any gender identity and expression:

Showcase Crew
This is a great position for anyone wanting to help out on the afternoon of the Showcase Concert! Tasks can include set-up and tear-down, camper support, ticket sales, ushering, security, stage managing, clean-up and whatever else might come up!

Time commitment: Saturday, 12-4pm

Document the camp experience throughout the week, take official band photos and photograph the showcase.

This position requires a commitment for the full week of camp; however, times of day are flexible except for Saturday's showcase and showcase preparation.

Kitchen Crew
Only got a few hours to spare? Fix a healthy vegan lunch daily, as well as set up and maintain eating space.

Time commitment: Kitchen Crew must be available for two hours in the mornings (exact schedule t.b.d.)

Information for volunteers

Girls Rock Camp Toronto volunteers are required to submit a Vulnerable Persons Police Check from the Toronto Police before being confirmed as a volunteer. These background checks help us to ensure the safety of our campers. If you are unable to submit for this check on your own, please email GRCT for assistance.

If you offer to volunteer for multiple sessions, we will assume that you are available to volunteer for multiple sessions, unless you tell us otherwise on your application. PLEASE sign up only for sessions you can fully commit to. If your availability changes, it is your responsibility to inform us immediately. Last minute cancellations may impact your ability to volunteer with Girls Rock Camp Toronto in the future.

Non-Discrimination Policy
Girls Rock Camp Toronto does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national and/or ethnic origin, citizenship, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability, or gender identity in the administration of any of its educational programs, admissions policies, tuition assistance, and other camp-related policies and programs, as well as volunteer and employment-related policies and activities.

A special note to male-identified allies:
Girls Rock Camp Toronto is primarily led by and for female identified people. We also value diversity, inclusion, and sensitivity towards all individuals, regardless of gender identity or expression. The organization welcomes the support of male-identified allies, and expects male-identified allies who would like to volunteer to respect the importance of leadership by women.